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Overnight Stay Plan

  • ★Simple★Only Room/ No Meals Included Plan

    It is a convenient standard plan for business trips and traveling.
    Toei Shinjuku Line Kikukawa Station short distance from Toei Shinjuku Line Kikukawa Station A2 exit! 15 minutes by car from Ueno Station and Tokyo Station!

    【Guest Room InformatContinue reading
  • Twin Room★Sightseeing·Travel★Plan

    It is the twin room no meal plan that is best for sightseeing with couples, parents and children riding in water.
    We will help you create memories with your precious people.

    【Guest Room Information】
    ○All rooms Internet connection free
    ○Washlet Continue reading
  • Continuous lodging discount plan - Continual stay of 3 nights or more is advantageous ~

    We offer it at "consecutive accommodation discount rate" that is convenient for customers with 3 consecutive stayers or more.

    【Guest Room Information】
    ○All rooms Internet connection free
    ○Washlet set up in all rooms
    ○Shampoo · Conditioner · BoContinue reading
  • For guests only★Doutor★Morning plan

    I love everyone! Morning plan Doutor Coffee Shop.
    A morning set that only our hotel guests can choose.

    1 minute walk from the hotel.Toei Shinjuku Line Kikukawa Station is also close to the A2 exit of Toei Shinjuku Line Kikukawa Station.
    After sContinue reading
  • ★Breakfast·With morning★Plan

    plan with morning.
    Morning is a bread meal.Hot coffee, toast, Boiled egg...You can enjoy a morning set in the hotel, on the first floor coffee room.

    【Information on breakfast】
    ○The venue will be 1F coffee shop "Cafe Edoite".
    ○The content is breContinue reading
  • Recommended! ★QUO Card"for 500 yen" present★

    The "500 yen QUO Card available at nationwide about 36,000 shop was set, this good plan

    ★Benefits of this plan★
    【Get QUO Card】Then buy meaningfully.

    ※QUO Card can not refund or refund QUO Card cash.
     I can not reissue when I lost my QUO CarContinue reading
  • Tokyo Skytree★Cheap from 5500 yen to GOGO★Open Anniversary

    Tokyo Skytree Opening Commemoration!
    It is cheap plan from 5,500 yen only from the number of rooms.
    Tokyo Skytree very convenient access to Tokyo Skytree.

    【Guest Room Information】
    ○All rooms Internet connection free
    ○Washlet set up in all rooContinue reading
  • Twin Room★1 Person Use★plan - spacious comfortably by one person -

    It is a plan for use by one person in a twin room.
    It is the optimal plan for customers like "I want to spend a lot alone" and "A large room as there are lots of luggage."

    【Guest Room Information】
    ○All rooms Internet connection free
    ○Washlet seContinue reading